Mobile Loan – Small Simple Loans When You Need a Small Credit

Protoloan offers a secure credit service for those who need a small loan of from thousand to 20,000 SEK.

The entire process of application is simple and straightforward. You choose the repayment time yourself from 30 to 180 days. The mobile loan gives message quickly and pays out the small loan to your bank account for the best possible service.

Terms for borrowing money from Mobile loans

Terms for borrowing money from Mobile loans

  • Terms for borrowing money from Mobile loans
  • Flexible mobile loans
  • About Mobile loan

Mobile loans only grant loans to people who have a fixed address, are registered in Sweden and meet the requirements for repayment ability.

  • Only one quick loan at a time is granted. You must have repaid old loans in order to get a new one.
  • No loans are granted if you have one or more payment remarks or have debts with the Swedish Enforcement Authority.
  • Mobile loan Sweden makes accurate credit reports and individual credit assessments where all financial information is weighted together with external information from various sources in order to make such a good assessment of the borrower’s repayment ability as possible.
  • You must have turned 18 to borrow money.

Ordering a mobile loan is very easy and it goes fast.

Flexible mobile loans

Flexible mobile loans

After you receive a code, you make your application directly online and during the times the lender’s customer service is open, you get a quick message and the money paid to your account.

Mobile loans are also called SMS loans, micro loans or quick loans and have come to meet the demand for small credits that have always existed.

Thanks to technological developments, it is now possible to lend as little as a thousand dollars something that the ordinary bank would hardly agree to.

To get a mobile loan it is enough to meet some very basic requirements. You must have turned 18 to borrow and have a fixed telephone or mobile subscription registered in your own name.

According to the basic requirements that all mobile loans require, the conditions differ. For some, you can take a SMS loan despite the payment note, while others require you to have an income to borrow money.

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